Debbie Engstrom
   Humboldt County Recorder             

Access to our indexes and images from 01/01/1996 to the present are now available online. If you would like to obtain official copies of documents, please call our office.


The Recorder’s office is located in the County Annex Building on the corner of Fourth and Bridge streets in Winnemucca, Nevada. It is open from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. (except holidays)                          

25 West Fourth Street Winnemucca, Nevada 89445
Phone: (775) 623-6412
Fax: (775) 623-6337

Mission Statement

The Recorder's Office is pledged to provide the public with efficient, quality service and accurate, legible and easily retrievable records and to provide safe and well organized storage of those records.
We are committed to serving our customers with courtesy and promptness.

What we do

The County Recorder is responsible for the recordation, scanning/microfilming and indexing of Real Estate Transactions, Mining Claim Locations and Assessment Work, Contracts, Leases, Judgments, Marriage Certificates, UCC/Fixture Filing Statements, Liens, Maps and other Miscellaneous Documents.
Many documents are required by law to be recorded, others are recorded only to make them a matter of public record.

What we cannot do

The County Recorder does not provide legal advice of any kind (per Nevada Revised Statutes 7.285). The County Recorder does not provide information regarding property taxes or change of address for tax statements (this information is available from the County Treasurer).

The following forms can be filled out online and then printed on your own printer.

Please note that all forms must be completed in black ink. (see general recording requirements.)



Social Security Affirmation

Real Property Transfer Tax Table
Document Cover Sheet
Declaration of Homestead
Marriage Certificate: Request for Certified Copy
Intent to Hold form
Proof of Labor form

Declaration of Value form (With instructions, required with ALL Deeds)

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