Explanation of Assessment Terms


Reappraisal Year - the last year your real property was appraised
District - fire/tax district

01 - Winnemucca City
02 - General County
03 - Winnemucca Rural
04 - Golconda
05 - Paradise
06 - Pueblo
07 - Orovada
08 - McDermitt
09 - Humboldt
10- Kings River

APN - assessor's parcel number
Land - assessed value of land
Imprv - assessed value of improvements to the land
Pers Prop - assessed value of the personal property attached to the real property assessment list

Further Explanation of Terms:

Improvements - Improvements refer to any man-made changes or alterations to the land. This would include erecting fences, installing a septic system or even just grading and leveling the land.

APN - The Assessor Parcel Number is a unique identifier that corresponds to a parcel on an assessor parcel or plat map. It is not a legal description of a property.

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