The office of County Clerk is an elected position. The current Clerk is Tami Rae Spero

50 W. 5th Street Room 207
Winnemucca, NV 89445
phone number: (775) 623-6343
e-mail: coclerk@hcnv.us

Goals of the County Clerk's Office

The County Clerk is committed to providing swift, efficient, and courteous service.

What the Clerk does

The Clerk issues marriage licenses, maintains marriage license records, acts as clerk to the 6th Judicial District Court, maintains the court records for the District Court, acts as clerk to the Board of County Commissioners, maintains minutes of the meetings of the Board of County Commissioners, acts as clerk to the Debt Management Commission and the County Board of Equalization.

The Clerk also serves as the Voter Registrar and Chief Election Official in Humboldt County. The Clerk's office maintains voter registration records, conducts all County elections and maintains candidate filing information.

The County Clerk administers the County's indigent services program, files and maintains ficticious name certificates, files and maintains notary information in Humboldt County, licenses ministers to perform marriages in Humboldt County and issues County business licenses.

What the Clerk does not do

The County Clerk provides some legal forms as approved by the Supreme Court of Nevada but cannot provide legal advice of any kind. The County Clerk does not retain copies of marriage certificates (these are recorded and kept by the County Recorder).

The County Clerk does not provide information regarding property taxes (this information is available from the County Treasurer).

Our office does not register motor vehicles (contact the State DMV at 623-6515)

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